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Zenit E (Moscow Olympic Games 1980 - type 1)

Zenit E (Moscow Olympic Games)


The Zenit E is a very common Russian SLR camera from the 1970‘s. While some early examples of the Zenit E had the M39 mount, the majority had the much more common M42 one. This opened the camera up to a vast number of non russian/soviet lenses.

Produced: 1965-1986
Name: „Зенит-E“
Producer: KMZ/BeLomo
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Industar-50-2  3.5/50 (a minha tem esta lente)
         Helios-44-2  2/58
Shutter: 1/30s-1/500s + B.

Quantity: more than 3 millions units.

Fonte: Sovietcams

Zenit-E is a 35mm film SLR made by KMZ and produced between 1965-82 with quantity of 3.334.540 units. Зенит = Zenit means Zenith, a point in the sky that appears directly above the observer.
The main differences from Zenit 3M is added light meter, mechanism of mirror and cocking lever were changed. The Zenit E does not have aperture automation, and therefore must be used with manual diaphragm/preset lenses or auto diaphragm lenses with an auto/manual switch.
There are many types during its production period.
The Zenit range was quite popular since it was priced moderately and it was offered under several other trademarks or brands as Kalimar, Revueflex, Prinzflex, Photokina, Spiraflex, Cosmorex.

Lens: Helios-44-2 58mm f/2, M42 screw mount, filter thread: 41mm
This is the standard lens, the other standard lens was Industar-50-2 3.5/50
The lens mount was KMZ M39 screw type before 1967 (although it is possible to find M39 within the 1968 models).
Lens release: simply turn to anti-clockwise
Aperture: up to f/16
Focus range: 0.5-20m +inf
Focusing: Fresnel matte glass screen; ring, distance scale and DOF scale on the lens
Shutter: Horizontally traveling, cloth focal-plane shutter, speeds 1/30 - 1/500 +B,
Shutter release: on the winding knob, w/cable release socket. For long exposure in B mode, the shutter release will lock down when pressed and turned ccw.
Cocking lever: also winds the film, long stroke, on the right of the top plate
Frame counter: on the winding knob, additive type, manual reset
Viewfinder: SLR pentaprism
Exposure meter: Selenium cell meter
Film speed range: ASA 16-500 setting: dial on the exposure setting ring, left of the top plate
Exposure setting: Match the needles in the window by turning the setting ring, then read out the speed and aperture
Re-wind knob: on the center of the exposure setting dial, press and turn, it will pop-up
Re-wind release: a small knob beside the cocking lever
Flash PC socket: on front of the top-plate, X sync 1/30
Self-timer: activates by pressing the small button above the lever
Back cover: hinged, opens by a latch on the left side of the camera
Engraving on the bottom plate: Made in USSR and KMZ logo
Tripod socket: ¼"
Strap lugs: none
Body: metal; Weight: 916g
Serial no. first two digits show the production year, on the back of the top plate

Fonte: Camerapedia

A minha é de 1978 (número de série 78174521)
A lente da minha é de 1978 (número de série 7840996)


A minha é comemorativa do Jogos Olímpicos de Moscovo - 1980


Manual em Inglês

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