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Ricoh TF-900 (198x - ?)

Ricoh TF-900
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo.

Câmara gentilmente oferecida por Ida Brandão.


The Ricoh TF-500 or TF-900 is a late 80s compact camera with autofocus and a 35 mm lens, switchable to 70 mm through a button on the top. Its electronics are quite advanced for its time, with an information-rich LCD on the top, indicating number of exposures available, if the film is a DX coded one (and, if so, what speed), and if exposure compensation has been activated. It has a continuous shooting mode, a self-timer and a backlight compensation button. The viewfinder indicates focusing zone using three symbols, a trait shared with the early generations of autofocus cameras but later abandoned. The date-back version was called the TF-500D/TF-900D. A rather hefty accessory 2x teleconverter, the TC-105, was also offered.

Wide-angle: 35 mm f/2,8; 4 elements/3 groups.
Tele: 70 mm f/5,6; 8 elements/6 groups.
Focusing: Autofocus with pre-focus ability, closest range 0,9 m.
Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter, 1–1/500 s.
Viewfinder: Albada type with bright lines, parallax correction marks and zone indication. Adjusted according to lens focal length. 0,7–0,38 x magnification, 84–87 % field of view.
Exposure range: EV 3–17 (wide), EV 5–17 (tele). +2 exposure adjustment.
Flash: Built-in pop-up flash, automatically activated with flash-matic exposure. Can be used as fill flash. GN 12. Reloads in 2–3 seconds.
Film speed: DX decoding from 64 to 1600 ISO. Non-DX films set at ISO 100.
Film advance: Easy loading, motor advance and rewind. Last bit of leader left out.
Power: 1 x DL223A/BR-P2DP 6 V lithium battery.
Dimensions and weight: 137 x 73 x 50 mm, 320 g (without battery).


Possui livro de instruções.


A minha é uma TF-900. Número de série 26 118383.


A máquina é acompanhada de um teleconversor (TC-105), que se guarda numa bolsa. Possui livro de instruções.

Ricoh TF-900 com TC-105
A bateria não é carregável. O exemplar que acompanha esta câmara é uma Kodak 6v modelo 223.
Kodak 6v modelo 223


Ricoh TF 500 Manual

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