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Cosina C1s (~1992)

Cosina C1s (~1992)
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo


The Cosina C1s is a 35mm SLR made by Cosina, whose products are more typically seen rebranded under other names.
While a manual-focus, manual-exposure camera may seem like a throwback in the 21st century, some users (and instructors of photography) still appreciate a camera that emphasizes the essentials, not unlike the venerable Pentax K1000. The C1s also uses the K-mount lens standard, and so can mount a wide variety of lenses dating back to 1975. On the more modern side, the vertically-traveling shutter reaches 1/2000 sec., and syncs with electronic flash at 1/125 sec. The shutter is mechanical and does not require batteries to operate; power is only required to illuminate the meter display LEDs in the viewfinder.
Both silver and black finish versions were sold.
The Cosina C1 is the same camera, but lacking a self-timer. The C2 and C3 are similar-looking SLRs but offering electronic-shutter autoexposure. The C1s is a continuation of the features Cosina developed for the CT1 Super and variations have appeared as the Dakota RZ-2000, among other names.



Compact lightweight Pentax K Mount 35mm film camera
Mechanical Shutter works WITHOUT batteries
Split image rangefinder focusing screen
With 50mm lens, .86 lifesize magnification and 93% viewfinder coverage
Copal shutter 1/2000 to 1 second plus B range
LED light meter readout in viewfinder
Self Timer, 10 second delay
Short 135 degree film advance with 30 degree standoff
PC flash socket for studio flash and hot shoe for camera mounted flash units
X sync 1/125th and lower speeds
Film window in back door to check if film loaded
Uses easy to find LR44 batteries
Takes standard mechanical cable shutter release
Meter range EV2 to 19, ISO 100 f/2 at 1 second to f/16 at 1/2000th
ISO range 25 to 3200
Cosina 35-70 f/3.5-4.8 Macro Zoom, 52mm filters, close focus to 14"
Weight 370 grams, 138x88x58mm



A minha tem acabamento preto. Tem o n.º de série 11016080 e o n.º de série da lente é o 8151609.

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Manual em inglês


2 LR44 1,5V batteries


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