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Konica Top's AF-300 (~1993)

Konica Top's AF-300 (~1993)
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The range of Top's had taken life with the Top's (fix-focus) and the Top’s AF 300 (autofocus). In 1993, the EF-200 SP and the AF-300 SP were added. These last ones are weatherproof variants of the previous ones. SP means "Sand Proof", but they are also watertight.
The 4 classification of JIS (Japan Industry Standard) determines that it must resist 5 minutes to sprayed water at a rate of 10litres / minute / square meter, according to an arc of 180 degrees at a distance from 30 to 50cm.
The two new cameras have a 4.5/34mm lens with three elements and accept 100, 200 and 400 ISO films. The advance and the rewinding of the film is motorized.
The Top’s 200 is fix-focus, with a focus on minimum 1.5metre. The shutter is set to 1/125 per sec (with an aperture at 8) under normal conditions and 1/50 per sec (with an aperture at 4.5) with the flash.
The price in 1993 was 490 francs.

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