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Kodak Disc 4000 (1982-1984)

Kodak Disc 4000 (1982-1984)
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This is the "Kodak Disc 4000 Camera". It is a Disc film type camera that was produced by Kodak from 1982 to 1984 as part of their ill-fated Disc format. This camera would have retailed brand new for about $60 to $70.00 USD.

This is an example of one of the more higher-end/fancier models of Disc cameras produced by Kodak during the 1980s. Like all Disc cameras produced by Kodak, the fixed focus, auto-exposure and automatic film advance were standard. However, what makes this model unique is that it features a built-in light sensor which serves to automatically fire the flash, as well adjust the shutter speed and aperture in regards to lighting conditions. Probably the most interesting feature to note about this camera is the built-in lithium battery. Unlike standard Disc cameras which instead used standard AA or AAA batteries. At the time lithium was considered a very new battery technology.

Surprisingly the built-in lithium battery on this particular specimen still works, which is not uncommon for these cameras. When the protective lens cover is slid back a faint charging sound can be heard. When the shutter button located on the front of the camera is pressed the flash will fire, which is then immediately followed by the sound of the motor for the advance mechanism.

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Here’s a blast from the past, remember the Kodak Disc 4000 camera? It might look like a digital camera with such a thin and small but this is indeed a film camera. Rather than taking rolls of film this Kodak camera used film discs with 15 8x10mm negatives arranged around a circle.

Kodak first introduced its Disc 4000 camera in 1982 in response to the popularity of other cartridge formats like 110 film. Along with the compact body, the Kodak disc camera featured an aspherical 12.5mm f2.8 lens and initially came to market with a $66 price tag.

Unfortunately, the film disc’s 8x10mm negatives proved to be too small to resolve a sharp image. Just two years later Kodak ended the production of Disc 4000 camera in 1989. Interestingly enough, disc film’s lifespan stretched well beyond the existence of all disc film cameras and Kodak continued producing the format until 1998. Click past the break to see an old school Kodak ad for the Disc 4000 camera in its full sepia glory.

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he Kodak Disc 4000 was one of Kodak's cameras for its own disc miniature film format.

Type: compact fixfocus camera
Manufacturer: Kodak
Produced between: 1982-1984
Films: Kodak disc film (fifteen 8×10.5mm exposures)
Lens: 1:2.8/12.5 mm
Flash: built-in
Original pice: $66.00

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