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Fuji DL-900 Zoom Date (1990)

Fuji DL-900 Zoom Date (1990)
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The DL-900 Zoom is a 35mm autofocus compact cameras from Fuji released in 1990. It is also known as the Discovery 900 Zoom Date, Zoom Cardia 900 Date and the FZ-900 Zoom Date. Versions without date were also offered as the Discovery 900 Zoom and the FZ-900 Zoom.

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At the Photokina 1990, the DL-900 is the high end of the brand, to succeed the DL-800. It has a 38-85mm zoom, the film pre-winding (which it owes the letters DL in its name), a multi-beam autofocus, an anti red-eye device. Its minimum distance of focusing is 75cm whatever the focal length; it allows photography of documents almost in A4 size.

The DL-900 will evolve shortly after its release in DL-900 Plus. On this model a small set of cards comes with the camera and just put in a so-seemed accessory shoe with probes recognizing the cards. These last ones allow to program complementary the camera for specific situations (fill-in function for example).

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It features a 38 to 85mm f/3.8-8.2 Fujinon zoom lens. Power is from CR-P2 batteries.

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A minha tem o n.º de série 70113546.

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One CR-P2 6v battery


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