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Kodak Ektra 22-EF (1978-1980)

Kodak Ektra 22-EF (1978-1980)
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The Kodak Ektra 22-EF was produced between 1978 and 1980. It takes the 110 film format that was popular at the time and survives as of 2016 as a niche format. It had sunny/cloudy exposure settings, a bright-line viewfinder, a built-in flash, and was made in Germany.

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For the vast majority of people who take pictures and don't want to be encumbered with all the technicalities, an equally vast number of cameras have been designed. One problem was the loading of film which often entailed routing film or paper backing leaders over rollers and into fiddly slots. The 110 cassette was designed to overcome this, simply being dropped into the back of the camera. Cameras making use of this film were generally very simple indeed, literally being point and press. The negative size of 13 x 17mm was rather limiting and exposure control was either very basic or relied upon the films wide latitude to achieve a result - which were often rather grainy. The Kodak Ektra 22-EF is not un-typical of the breed, being very limited in functions....and quite sizable compared to the negative it produces.

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Sunny/cloudy exposure settings, a bright-line viewfinder which shows the selected exposure setting, and a built-in electronic flash feature on this camera. When the handle is closed, the flashgun is automatically switched off. This camera was made in Germany.

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name : Kodak Ektra 22-EF
produced between : 1978 - 1980
lens : 25mm, f/9.5 Kodar
shutter : 3 speed
film type : 110 Cartridge
picture size : 13 x 17 mm
categories : 110

fonte: kodak.3106.net

2 AAA batteries


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