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Kodak KE60

Kodak KE60
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Cheap fixed lens Kodak, with a design as cheap as the camera. Ugly it may be, but it has some very interesting features for a camera sold in blisters by convenience stores.

First, the lens is a 29 mm "all glass ektanar", meaning a dead slow wide angle of 5,6, but a relief from the common 35 mm. There are suprising details on this camera, like the projected viewfinder lines and AF mark, doesn't seem to be a cheap choice. There are soft rubber covers where you hold the camera, not cold plastic.Then there is a LCD at the rear with the usual flash modes, infinity focus and it is even back lit in indigo blue by pushing a button, nice.

The most interesting thing is the Kodak easy load 35 system that I was completely unaware of. There is no back door on the camera. The system is remarkably similar to the APS loading system, a small transparent door, all you have to so is to put the tip of the film in a slot and close the door. The camera automatically winds the film and locks the door, making it impossible to open the door by mistake. The system is really impressive and fool proof (literally!).

Fonte: Paulo Moreira


The Kodak KE60 has 29mm all glass lens with a programmed shutter speeds of 1/60 to 1/400 seconds.
Apertures is f/5.6. The focus range is Daylight 1.5ft (0.5m) to infinity. The viewfinder is projected image, centrespotted-aiming
circle, macro correction.
This camera has to special option modes:
Portrait mode – allows you to take sharp, close-up pictures of people.
Infinity-focus - you can capture sharp, distant scenery for outdoor picture-taking
Flash is built in, with a recycle time of 6 seconds. Flash modes on this camera are: Flash Off, Fill Flash, Night
view with flash, and night view without flash.

ISO Film Speed Flash to subject distance
100 1.5 to 12ft (0.5 to 3.7m)
200 1.5 to 17ft (0.5 to 5.2m)
400 1.5 to 23ft (0.5 to 7.0m)
800 1.5 to 28ft (0.5 to 8.5m)

Power source is one 3 V lithium battery
Dimensions: 38 x 62 x 124mm
Weight: 6.1 oz.



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Paulo Moreira


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CR123A 3V battery


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