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Concord 818

Concord 818
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The Concord 818 is a fixed-focus camera for 35mm film. It has a built-in flash, and manual film advance/rewind.

Concord 818, I Call it Big Red! Well that’s what it is.. BIG and RED. Its about as simple as cameras come. Focus Free with a flash, and a F5.6 38mm Japan Optics Lens. Point-click-develop-smile!!

Sadly I don’t know a lot about this Camera, other than it was made in China, probably late 80’s early 90’s looking at its sexy sumptuous design! It’s hefty size is incomparable to it’s light weight and I was surprised by this, but when you see it’s plastic construction it’s easy to comprehend why its weighs nothing in your hands – but this is not a negative thing, it feels substantial, and longs to be used and abused!

It’s ergonomic shape has an effective groove for your fingers below the shutter release button. Which is extremely comfortable to hold. The hand strap is on the left hand side, which to me somehow feels wrong, I guess this is because I like to use just one hand when shooting and it’s not that easy to have the wrist strap on and shoot at the same time.

The camera has a manual winder which clicks and clacks like a purring kitten and and a shutter which makes a quaint sound, almost like the sound of a pull cord light switch, the kind of sound that resonates briefly providing enough satisfaction and reassurance that the picture has been taken, but just gentle enough to make you question otherwise.

With a simple On/Off switch for the flash it can’t get much better than this! Light weight, no fiddling, pretty much a fashion statement casing it’s the ideal accessory for those quick snaps inside or out!!!!



35mm film

Point and shoot (Focus free)


38mm lens

"japan optics"


2 AA batteries

M810335 "passed" sticker


Sítios de referência



2 AA batteries


Fotografias tiradas com esta máquina


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