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Yashica 108 Multi Program (~1990)

Yashica 108 Multi Program (~1990)
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The Yashica 108 MP also known as Yashica 108 Multi Program, Yashica 108, or name variation incorporating Kyocera, Kyocera Yashica 108, etc. It is a 35mm SLR camera manufactured by Kyocera.

A version marked Revue AC8 was available at German Foto-Quelle dealers, a Yodobashi The 30th Anniversary was made for this well known Japanese camera shop. A Chinese market version was available called Yashica FX-80.

It uses the Contax/Yashica mount or C/Y mount. This model is similar to the 107 MP, but has different program modes. There are five program modes. Program auto, HP: hi-speed program auto, AV: aperture priority, manual exposure and manual flash exposure. The shutter release is electronic, a standard cable release socket is also provided. The film transport also supports single or continuous drive mode, the setting is located on the collar of the rewind knob. After all exposures on the roll are exhausted, the camera will stop, to rewind press the button located on the base and use the film rewind knob.

Focusing is done manually, and aided with a horizontal splitimage spot including a microprism. The viewfinder provide 0.82x magnification, providing a nearly 92% field of view. There are LED confirmations in the finder, flash, circle, down arrow and up arrow. The flash lights up when fully charged and blinks when shutter is slower than 1/30 a sec. The circle lights in program modes, and blinks if settings need to be adjusted. The down and up arrows both light if the exposure is correct in manual mode and blinks in B: Bulb mode. If the arrows are individuality lit; in manual exposure mode, setting need to be adjusted. The down arrow is under exposure. The up arrow is over exposure. Blinking in AV mode, means the camera is unable to compensate to the lighting conditions. A handy backlight compensation button is also provided near the lens mount. It adds 1.5 EV to the exposure.



Manufacturer: Kyocera, Japan
Lens mount: Contax/Yashica or C/Y bayonet mount lenses
Shutter: Vertical metal focal plane
Shutter speed: auto: 16s to 1/2000 manual: 1 to 1/2000 and B
Flash: X sync at 1/90 or slower
Metering: TTL center weight with SPD sensor
Metering range: 2 to 19 EV (100 ISO)
Film speed: Auto DX 25 to 3200 ISO, non-DX 100 ISO
Self timer: electronic 10 sec.
Film advance: automatic
Film rewind: manual with knob
Batteries: 4x AAA battery
Weight: about 500g
Dimensions: 149 x 93 x 52 mm



A minha tem o n.º de série 5020435. Possui uma lente Yashica MC ZOOM 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5

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4 AAA batteries


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