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Yashica TL Electro-X (1968-1975)

Yashica TL Electro-X (1968-1975)

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History and technical features 

The Yashica TL Electro-X is part of the TL series of SLR cameras. It was introduced in 1968 and may have remained in production until 1975 (when Yashica adopted their Yashica/Contax bayonet mount).

The Yashica TL Electro-X ITS was introduced in 1972, and sold alongside the first model. Externally the ITS differed by the pentaprism "Y" being replaced by a gold coloured "Atom" symbol. The ITS also came only in black, while the X was made in chrome and black finishes. Otherwise, the only identifiable differences between the two cameras were an increase of the x-sync speed to 1/125 on the ITS.

The TL Electro X was the first camera with viewfinder electronic lights for exposure information (miniature lamps, not LEDs), and also the first with a mechanical shutter with step-less electronic timing, which operates at any intermediate speed between 2 seconds and 1/1000th. The selection of an intermediate shutter speed is largely guesswork. Speeds above 1/30th are click stopped, but it is possible to set the speed dial between settings. The slower speeds are not click-stopped, reflecting Yashica's intention for lower light exposures to be metered by adjustment of the shutter speed rather than the lens aperture.

Two lights in the viewfinder indicate over and under exposure, and point towards the direction in which the lens aperture ring should be moved. Adjusting either the aperture ring or shutter speed dial until these go out indicates that the correct exposure has been set.

Source: camera-wiki.org


Lens mount: M42 screw.
Focus: Reflex viewfinder with micro prism focusing spot, ground-glass collar. DOF preview button.
Shutter: Electrically operated vertical travelling metal focal-plane shutter with speeds from 2 sec to 1/1000th sec., + B and self-timer with mirror lock-up.
Meter: Stop-down, thru-the-lens, centre-weighted, CdS light measuring system; electronic exposure readout (warning lights indicate under and over exposure corrections).
Exposure: Manual.
Film Speed: 25 to 800 ASA.
Flash: Standard X and FP synch, with X-synch hot shoe at 1/90th (X) or 1/125th (ITS).
Film Advance: Ratchet type single-stroke wind lever.

Source: camera-wiki.org


Serial number 81200392

Lens serial number 5438685

Reference sites


Replacement batteries, mercury batteries


Manual in english

1 LR44 battery


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