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Canon Canodate E (1970)

Canon Canodate E (1970)
This photo is from the copy I own

History and technical features 

A 1970 compact rangefinder camera from Canon, similar to the Canonet series but with an early date-imprinting function.

It uses a 40mm f/2.8 (5 elements in 4 groups) lens. The shutter is the electronically controlled Seiko ESF. The exposure meter uses a CdS cell for electronic exposure. Metering range of 1 to 17 EV (at ISO 100). Film speed can range from ISO 25 to 400. The finder has 0.6x magnification with 84% coverage which also contains parallax correction marks. It is powered by 2x 1.3V mercury cells batteries.

A newer minor revision of the Canodate E was released three years later in 1973. Canon refers to this as the Canodate E-N, but was just sold as the same Canodate E. This is mostly just a cosmetic change with the name plate's E in red. The date dials text with the Year in Blue, Month in Orange and Day in Red. The focusing ring is black coloured. The shutter also no longer functions when the battery is flat.

Source: camera-wiki.org

A databack to imprint the date on the picture is a standard feature today. The Canodate E pioneered this feature and realized the dreams of users.

With ISO 100 film, the camera’s Seiko ESF electronically-controlled program shutter could handle a wide exposure range from EV 1 (4 sec. at f/2.8) to EV 17 (1/500 sec. at f/16). With the dedicated Canolite D, the flash could fire automatically at EV 8 or lower.

For focusing, the camera had a double-image superimposing rangefinder. The viewfinder frame lines indicated the position of the imprinted date. The viewfinder also had a combination battery check and camera shake warning indicator, and flash indicator.

Source: global.canon


Type: 35mm Lens-Shutter rangefinder camera with program EE and date imprinting (year, month, day).
Picture Size: 24 x 36 mm
Lens: 40mm f/2.8 (5 elements in 4 groups)
Shutter: Seiko ESF (electronically controlled), EV 1 (f/2.8 at 4 sec.) – 17 (f/16 at 1/500 sec.), X-sync, hot shoe and German socket for automatic flash. No self-timer.
Viewfinder: Coincidence rangefinder integrated with reversed Galilean viewfinder. Parallax correction with projected frames and correction marks. Date imprinting indicated on projected frame. Same lamp used for battery check, camera shake warning, and flash-required indicator. 0.6x magnification, 84% coverage.
EE: CdS cell for full-auto program EE. Metering range of EV 1 – 17 (at ISO 100). Film speed range of ISO 25 – 400.
Power Source: Two 1.3 V HM-N mercury cells
Film Loading & Advance: Slotted take-up spool. Advances with camera-top lever’s 130° single stroke (possible to wind with several short strokes).
Frame Counter: Counts up. Resets automatically when camera back is opened.
Film Rewind: Camera-top crank
Dimensions & Weight: 133 x 76 x 59 mm, 580 g

Source: global.canon


Serial number 181180

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English manual


Two M30 our #640 1.3v batteries


Pictures taken with this machine


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