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Kodak Star 275 (1993-1995)

Kodak Star 275 (1993-1995)
This photo is from the copy I own

History and technical features 

The Kodak Star 275 camera was manufactured in China from 1993 until 1995 when production stopped 23 years ago. The Star 275 was designed to take 35mm, Cartridge Roll film. The camera requires 2, AA batteries. Unloaded, the camera weighs 155.00 g (5.47 oz.), with batteries 205.00 g (7.23 oz.), and with film, 224.00 g (7.9 oz.). Initially priced at $41.95, the Star 275 would cost $65.65 in 2011. Features include integrated flash.

Source: camerahistoryproject.com


Years Made 1993-1995
MSRP $41.95 ($65.65 2012 Dollars)
Film 35mm Film
Weight 155.00 g (5.47 oz.)
Date Acquired February 2nd, 2013
Battery 2 x AA
Country of Manufacture China
Shutter Speeds: Fixed Shutter Speed
Shutter Type: Leaf
Aperture Settings: Fixed Aperture
Lens Mount: Fixed
Viewfinder: Plain
Focal Range: Fixed

Source: camerahistoryproject.com


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2 AAA batteries

Pictures taken with this machine


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