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Agfa Clack (1954-1965)

Agfa Clack (1954-1965)
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The Agfa Clack is a box camera produced by Agfa from 1954 to 1965. It was sold in North America as the Agfa Weekender.
It is a simple camera which was aimed at the mass market. About 1.65 million were produced, more than all other Agfa box camera models combined.
It uses 120 film, creating large 6x9 negatives that were usually contact printed (transferred directly from the negative onto photographic paper without enlarging).
It has only one shutter speed, and, depending on model, either a single f/11 f-stop or a choice of two.
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To enable this camera to take quality pictures with such a simple lens, it is always stopped down to f/11 or below. The large negative size allows usable contact prints. The negatives don't need to be enlarged by so great a factor. The best feature is the curved film plane. There's no pressure plate in the back of the camera; the film isn't supposed to be flattened. The camera body is oval shaped when viewed from above, and the film is led around the curved back of the camera to create maximum sharpness: an intelligent solution to create a low-cost camera of decent quality.

More data:

Aperture f/11 and f/12.5
Shutter about 1/30 plus B
Built-in yellow filter
Zone focusing with two steps:

1-3m (3-10 feet) with a built-in close-up lens.
3m (10 feet)-infinity with just an aperture ring between the lens and the film

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Só se fabricou um modelo. A minha tem o corpo em plástico mas o topo e o fundo são em metal.


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