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Agfa Sillete (~1955)

Agfa Sillete (~1955)
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo.


Silette is a name used by the German maker Agfa from 1953 to 1974 to designate successive generations of 35mm fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. The corresponding rangefinder models were called Super Silette. There was also an interchangeable lens rangefinder model called the Ambi Silette, which is discussed elsewhere. The first models were sold in the USA under the nameAnsco Memar and Super Memar, and some of later ones were sold under the name Agfa Solina.

Agfa Silette (original) is the first of the long lasting Silette series 35mm film viewfinder cameras made by Agfa and introduced in 1953.

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Its features are a simple viewfinder, a leaf shutter, a lever wind advance and an accessory shoe (Agfa KM flash compatible). The camera is well made by with simple features. Its shutters are Pronto (1/25-1/200), Prontor (1/300) Compur-Rapid or Synchro-Compur (1/500). The lenses are three element Agfa Color Apotar 3.5/45mm or 2.8/45mm, or a four element Agfa Color Solinar 2.8/50mm. In the USA, it was known as the Ansco Memar.

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Agfa Silette (~1955)

A simple basic example of the older Silette versions.

Shutter, Vario, 1/25, 1/50, 1/200 and B . Afga Agnar 1:3,5, 45mm lens. Produced in the middle of fifties, all metal chrome finish and a black leatherette covering.

More than a million amateur photographers all over the world use the Agfa Silette. Small, quick and handy and it masters every situation. Agfa Agnar f. 3,5/45 mm. lens. Vario shutter, B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/200sec and large viewfinder.


A minha faz parte do modelo original, fabricado entre 1953 e 1958. Tem a inscrição no interior BV 4425.


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