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Kodak Brownie Starlet (1957-1962 - modelo EUA e França)

Kodak Brownie Starlet (1957-1962)
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The Brownie Starlet was a simple plastic point-and-shoot camera made by Kodak in 1956. It was one of the very successful "star" series of Brownies.
A similar camera, without the flash contacts, was the Brownie Bullet II, made in the US from August 1961 - November 1968, which was also made as the Rio 400 in Brazil.
A different camera also called Brownie Starlet was made in the UK in 1953-4 for export to the US; this was a rebadged version of the Brownie 127.

Fonte: Camerapedia

Type: Solid body eyelevel rollfilm
Introduced: July 1957
Discontinued: June 1962
Film size: 127
Picture size: 1 5/8 X 1 5/8"
Manufactured: US, France(called US model)
Lens: Dakon
Shutter: Rotary
Numbers made: ?
Original price: $6.00

Moulded plastic body; optical direct
vision finder; screw and pin flash contacts.
This model continued as the Brownie Bullet 11 camera from 1961.

Approximate worth:   $5-10

Fonte: The Brownie Camera Page


A minha tem o código YAOY, a qual, segundo a notação CAMEROSYTY é de fevereiro de 1960 (0260)


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