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Canon Canonet (1961-1972)

Canon Canonet
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo.


The Canon Canonet was released in 1961 and is remembered as Canon's first entry into the intermediate-class camera market, and also the first of the highly successful Canonet series of 35mm automatic-exposure rangefinder cameras.
The top plate only houses the shutter-release, with a locking ring for time-exposures, the frame counter and an accessory shoe.
The clean lines of the top are achieved by putting the advance lever underneath, together with the rewind crank, rewind release and back catch. The advance lever had an end which hinged downwards, making it easy to operate using the left middle- or third-finger. These controls on the bottom necessitate corresponding holes in the every-ready case.
Rangefinder focusing is controlled by a lever attached to the focus ring, also at the bottom of the camera.
The selenium meter cell is arranged around the Canon SE 45mm f1.9 lens - thus automatically compensating for filters; the aperture ring is scaled from f16 down to f1.9, followed by an "auto" setting (with a latch), for shutter priority automation. The Copal SV shutter has speeds from 1/500 down to 1sec, plus B. Film speed is set between 10-400 ASA by a lever in the shutter speed ring.
The viewfinder features a bright-line, and a scale showing the aperture. Early models had no aperture scale but used two arrows to indicate over or under exposure. These early models also had a limited 10-200ASA range (as did the first model with the aperture scale).
There is a PC socket beside the lens, and a switch on the lens barrel for X- or M-flash sync.
There is a self-timer - set by a lever on the lens barrel.
The Canonet was also sold by Bell & Howell as the Bell & Howell / Canon Canonet 19.

Fonte: Camerapedia

  • Produced 1961 Canon Camera Co., Japan
  • Film type 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size 24mm x 36mm
  • Weight 700g
  • Lens Canon 45mm 1:1.9 (5 elements in 4 groups)
  • Focal range .8m to infinity
  • Filter size 55mm
  • Shutter Copal SLV
  • Shutter speeds B, 1-1/500 automatic or manual, T ring
  • Viewfinder coupled rangefinder with parallax correction
  • Exposure meter lens mounted Selenium with viewfinder needle (aperture)
  • Auto EV range 5-7 at ISO 100
  • ASA range 10-200 (400 on later models)
  • Battery none
  • Accessory shoe, PC sync
  • Fast-action bottom-mounted wind lever


A minha é o modelo original (1961) e tem o n.º de série 1234130


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