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Zorki 5 (1958)

Zorki 5

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The Zorki-5 comes in two versions. The first one with a square rangefinder window and Industar-50 both collapsible and rigid lens. The second version is very similar to the Zorki-6. With a round rangefinder window and Industar-50 f3.5/50mm lens. It's interesting to mention, that famous KOMETA camera (never was produced in series) initially had ZORKI-5 name!!!
Produced: 1958-1959
Name: „Зоркий-5“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Industar-50 3.5/50.
Shutter: 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.

Quantity: 236.502 units (all types).

May exist variant with name engraved in black Cyrillic letters. At least 2 different body coverings.

Fonte: Sovietcams

The Zorki-5 is a 35mm film rangefinder Leica-derived camera, made by KMZ. It was produced from1958 to 1959 with quantity a 236501 units.

The Zorki-5 is a less known Zorki model. Some collectors consider it (and its successor Zorki-6) one of the best Zorki ever made. The Zorki-5 evolved from the Zorki-2S : but with a longer rangefinder base, an advance lever instead of knob, and a combined viewfinder/rangefinder window, with an adjustable diopter magnification.

The Zorki-5 comes in two versions with 7 types.The first version with a square rangefinder window and Industar-50 both collapsible or rigid lens. The second version is very similar to the Zorki-6. With a round rangefinder window and Industar-50 f3.5/50mm lens. There are at least 2 different body coverings.

  • Engravings on the back of the top plate: KMZ logo, serial no. and СДЕЛАНО В СССР ( = SDELANO V SSSR = MADE IN USSR)
  • Lens: "Tessar"-type KMZ Industar-50 (ИНДУСТАР) 50mm f/ 3.5 collapsible or rigid.
  • Mount: M39 screw mount, filter slip-on.
  • Lens release: simply screw anti-clockwise.
  • Aperture: f/3.5-f/16, no click stops
  • Focus range: 1-20m +inf
  • Focusing: coincident rangefinder image focusing. Collapsible lenses have a focusing tab and scale on the focusing helical of the lens. Depth of Field scale; Focusing lever locks on infinity
  • Shutter: horizontal travelling focal plane, rubberized cloth double cloth curtain; Speeds: 1/30-1/500 +B; setting: dial on the top plate, lift and turn.
  • The shutter dial may be safely shifted to other values even if the shutter isn't cocked. This won't damage the mechanism of the Zorki-5 or any other Zorki without slow speed controls. A secondary dial within the dial itself has an index mark which can be used to reference the set speed.
  • Shutter release: located on the cocking lever knob.
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, with a long throw, wide-arc stroke, on the right of the top plate.
  • Frame counter: on the cocking lever knob, additive type, manual reset.
  • Winding is more positive and shutter cocking will be less prone to error if two or more shorter strokes are made, instead of a single long throw stroke. Two shorter strokes are also easier for the hand than the long throw arc required to fully wind the Zorki-5/6 shutters.
  • Viewfinder: coupled rangefinder/ viewfinder, blue rangefinder images, orange glass, very bright.
  • Diopter adjustment lever: beneath the re-wind knob
  • Rewind release: via a small knob beside the shutter speeds dial
  • Flash PC sockets: two, bulb and X, on the left side of the top plate
  • Others: Cold-shoe; Memory dial; Tripod socket: 3/8"; Strap lugs
  • Film loading: bottom loading like old Leicas, it is necessary to cut the film tongue to make it longer; Bottom plate opens by a pop-up lever on it
  • Engravings around the opening ring: 3aKP - ОTKP (= Zakr - Otkr = Close - Open). ОTKP is an abbreviation for ОТКРЫТЫЙ
  • Special take up-spool, removable
  • Body: metal; Weight: 604g
  • Serial no. first two digits correspond to the production year
Fonte: Camerapedia


PM1930. Camera identical to PM1920, but with new design of shutter release knob already. Less than 25000 copies released in 1958. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #5812027 (eBay 2012).

Fonte: Sovietcams

A minha tem o n.º de série 5821545 e a lente é uma Industar 61 2.8/52mm de 1971 com o n.º de série 7105315


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