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Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic (1982)

Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic

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The Optima Electronic Sensor is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa and introduced in 1982. The camera is the last of the range of long lasting Agfa Optima Sensor series.

The Optima Sensor is technically identical with the earlier Optima 535 Sensor. It has a Solitar 40mm f/2.8 in Paratronic shutter with speeds 1/30-1/1000, a simplified focusing by three symbols, and a red signal in the viewfinder in the event of under-exposure.

Electronic sensor series replaced Optima 200 and 500 Sensor cameras. Their features are black body with large bright-frame viewfinder and automatic exposure control with electronic shutter.

Fonte: Camerapedia

Brand: Agfa
Name: Optima sensor eletronic
Format: 35mm
Focus: manual
Flash Types: no flash (but hotshoe)
Exposure: 1/30 – 15 s
ISO Speeds: 25-500
Cable Release: yes
Tripod Screw Mount: yes

The Agfa Optima sensor electronic is a 35mm compact view-finder camera with manual focus. On the top of the lens you can adjust the focus by three symbols (mountains, two people and one people) and on the rear side in Meters and Feet. But it’s not the big problem if you don’t get the right distance it has a wide depth of field.

On the front of the camera you can set up the film speed and there is the built in light meter. It got a fast lens and if there is a flash inserted you can manually choose the aperture. I love the red release button on the lever which is also used for rewinding. The body is made out of metal with a plastic coating. And if you open the back unintended, you don’t destroy the whole film cause it is covered in a sealed chamber. (I’m very happy of this feature.)

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Só existe um modelo desta câmara


Funciona com três baterias PX625


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