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FED-3 (Revue-3) (1961-1979)

FED-3 (Revue-3)
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo.


The FED 3 is a Ukrainian rangefinder camera inspired by classic Leicas. Over two million were produced between 1961-79. It takes 35mm film. The FED 3 is an evolution of the FED 2 and the dimensions of the two bodies are identical. The top deck is modified because the FED 3 has to have a shorter rangefinder base to make room for the slow-speed mechanism. Shutter speeds are 1 sec, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500s and "B". In common with many Soviet-era cameras, the shutter must be cocked before the speed is altered.

There are four definable models in the FED 3 series.

  • FED 3a was introduced in 1961. It retained most of the FED 2 features, including the mushroom-shaped advance knob. The rewind knob is larger. The diopter is no longer adjusted by a lever but is adjusted by the ring over the viewfinder.
  • FED 3b was introduced in 1963. It has a film advance lever and a flat top deck. It had no strap lugs, but an ever-ready case was originally available. The FED 3b is usually fitted with an Industar 26M or Industar 61 lens. These are interchangeable with other lenses with an M39 mount, but are not 100% compatible with the Leica standard.
  • FED 3L was introduced along with the 3b in 1963, and has a body like the 3a but a different shutter speed knob. The knob on a 3L resembles the ones on the FED 3b; the speeds are engraved on a plate beneath the knob instead of on the knob itself. The shutter speed plate is clipped where the top deck steps down. Usually fitted with an Industar 61 lens.
  • FED 3L/D is a FED 3L with a multi-coated Industar 61 L/D containing Lanthane.

Fonte: Camerapedia

The Fed-3 (a) is a new model which keeps the old body from the Fed-2. It has a new short base rangefinder assembly with a new shutter. The shutter already has slow speeds. The range finder cam now has its axis of rotation on the rewind side and diopter adjustment is made by rotating the view finder. The engraving is either the Single Cyrillic script " FED-3" or the dual engraving on export models with "MADE IN USSR" on the back.

Name: „ФЭД-3“
Producer: FED
Frame size: 24x36
Lens: Industar-26M  2.8/52.
Shutter: 1s, 1/2s, 1/4s, 1/8s, 1/15s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.

Quantity: 2.086.825 units (all types).

Fonte: Sovietcams


A minha é uma FED-3 do segundo modelo (FED-3b) segundo o site

Revue 3 2nd version (Fed 3b).

Another serie of the Revue 3, made by Fed for Foto-Quelle from the Fed 3b. The body reads "Revue 3" in serigraphy. It was engraved on the precedent serie. The lens is always the Fed/Industar 61, without lanthanum (F421 by JLP).
This camera is not so easy to find.

Tem o n.º de série (corpo) 558436 e de lente 8772967.

O termo "Revue 3" é praticamente invisível (apagado pelo uso ou por anterior proprietário para evitar desvalorização por não estar gravado "FED-3"?)


PE0670. Camera identical to PE0665, but with "REVUE-3" markings, silkscreened on the frontplate.

PE0665. Released c. 1968 (?). Camera identical to PE0650, but under export name „REVUE-3“. Limited quantities of these cameras were released for Western Germany market (Foto-Quelle). "REVUE-3" markings engraved on camera front.

PE0655. Camera identical to PE0650, but with new serial number coding system again. 6-digits serial number without date prefix already. Appr. 1 million copies released since 1968.

PE0650. Released in 1967-1968. Camera with new Industar-61 L/D lens (better known as "FED-3 L/D"). Different body coverings. Different serial numbers coding system, but with 1st digit as date prefix yet. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #7413886 (DVD Technik). Appr. 350.000 copies (or even more) released in 1967-1968.

Fonte: Sovietcams, que refere que pertence à terceira versão (exportação).


Fed-3 manual (em inglês)

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