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Lomo Smena 8 (1963-1971)

Lomo Smena 8
Esta fotografia é do exemplar que possuo.


Smena-8 is a viewfinder 35mm film camera made by GOMZ, LOOMP and LOMO and produced between 1963-71. Doubtless one of the most popular Smena cameras. Smena-8 was the camera USSR tried to enter the international market.

There are 7 types and 3 sub-types of the Smena-35. The export types were named as Cosmic-35 and Global-35
This model is similar with Smena-6 , but added film rewind, possible to use just one cassette with take-up spool and blocking system
Pop-up rewind knob
Shutter: speeds 1/15-1/250 +B w/synchronizer
Lens: T-43 (Triplet) 40mm f/4
Aperture: f/4-f/16
Body: plastic

Fonte: Camerapedia

Doubtless one of the most popular smena cameras. Smena-8 was the camera USSR tried to enter the international market. Camera indentical to Smena-6 with a special device for reverse taking-up from cassette to cassette, possible to use just one cassette with take-up spool. Pop-up rewind knob. In the back of camera imprinted either old Gomz logo (as well as on the lens faceplate), either blank circle.

The Lomo Compact Automat (or LC-A for short), is a small Russian-made 35mm camera that has become very cult and popular. Smena is also produced by "Lomo" and my opinion is that it is also suitable for "Lomography". I am not completely aware of what that term actually keeps inside but one rule is that you should never know what kind of photos you'll get when you shoot a picture with a "Lomo".

Smena 8 is not like Lomo LCA a fully automatic (exept focusing) 35mm camera. You have to "do" something to get the picture. It is against a rule "Shoot before you think" but the rule could be bypassed by thinking "not too much". Like mthis you maintain the creativity and the randomness.

First camera in the Smena 35mm Series was introduced in 1953. Smena 8 was made in 1963 -1971. It is fitted with T-43, f4,0 coated lens. Shutter speeds are B, - 1/15, 1/30,1/60, 1/125, 1/250sec. It has a self-timer and a cocking is not integrated to film advance wheel. Camera material is plastic.

Fonte: TheCameraSite

LOMO factory is situated in the city of St. Petersburg. Since 90 years LOMO has designed and manufactured optical devices for various applications. Beginning with its foundation in 1914 LOMO was largest optical device manufacturer for Russian Army. Times have changed and now LOMO works not only for military and space programs but also for science and industry and for t he consumer products market.

Fonte: Sovietcams


A minha parece ser do 3.º modelo, ou seja, uma PK2680: The most common version of the particular camera. New "Lomo" logotype on the lens already. The blank circle imprinted on camera's rear door. No more "No." prefix in serial number.  An early sample still comes with tripod thread - 3/8'' yet, though the big majority of type-3 cameras have tripod thread 1/4'' already. "Sdelano B CCCP" or "Made in USSR" markings on shutter housing, near the serial number. No more black arrow, engraved on film rewind knob on late cameras. A lot of variations in this group, indeed.

Fonte: Sovietcams

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