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Kodak 335 (1990)

Kodak 335 (1990)

This photo is from the copy I own

History and technical features 

The Kodak Star 335 is a 35mm film camera produced by Kodak

A rebadged version is called Kodak 335

Source: camera-wiki.org

In June 1990, Kodak adopted a new design for its consumer devices. A new range of four cameras "lifestyle" appeared. These four units have the same technical characteristics: manual cocking and rewind, fix-focus, built-in auto flash, protection cover of the lens and the shutter button.

These cameras were designed to replace the S 100EF.

Kodak had "segmented" the clientele of each camera:
- Kodak 335 for 18 to 30 years old men, comfortable in their lives, moving and "in the know" who like traveling and strong visual emotions.
- Kodak Euro 35 Elyséeis the camera for young women passionate about fashion.
- Kodak Euro 35 Legend is dedicated to daredevils and adventurous boys.
- Kodak Euro 35 colors is more suitable for trendy and decided girls .

Source: collection-appareils.fr


Made in Thailand

Point and shoot


AA batteries

Ektanar lens


Mine has the number 011-1 engraved inside

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2 AA batteries

Pictures taken with this machine


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