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Polaroid 3400AF (2000)

Polaroid 3400AF (2000)
This photo is from the copy I own

History and technical features 

The new Polaroid 3400AF is a must-have for any photography enthusiast. With Auto Flash and Auto
Focus systems, this camera is easy to use, affordable, and perfect for everyone from the casual user to the seasoned shutterbug.

Source: everythingretek.com


Auto Focus
Auto Flash w/ Red-Eye Reduction and Daylight
Fill Flash
Auto Film Advance/Rewind
LCD Frame Counter
Date and Time Recording
Lens door serves as power ON/OFF switch
Auto Power-Save Battery Shut-Off
Film Format: 24 x 36mm
Lens: 28mm, f/4.5, hybrid
Focus System: 2-zone active infrared auto focus system with focus lock
Viewfinder: Large size reverse-Galilean
Film loading: Easy load system
Film Advance: Automatic motor advance with
frame count shown in LCD display
Film Rewind: Automatic rewind activated by rewind switch
Shutter Speed: Fixed at 1/160s
Aperture: Fixed at f/6 (f/4.5 - hybrid lens)
Film Speed Range: ISO 100 - ISO 400 color negative film (ISO 200 or ISO 400 film is recommended)
DX Film Sensing: 2 systems for ISO 100/200 and ISO 400 film
Distance Range: Daylight - 1.2m (4') to infinity
[ISO 100] - 1.2m to 4.3m (4' to 14')
[ISO 400] - 1.2m to 7.2m (4' to 24')
Flash Unit: Auto Flash with high intensity LED to reduce red-eye effect
Auto sensor flash is coupled with the DX system to give correct flash actuation for each film speed
Dimensions: 114.5 x 69 x 40.5mm
Power Source: 2 AA-size alkaline batteries

Source: everythingretek.com


Mine has the code K021-1 printed inside

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2 AA batteries


Pictures taken with this machine


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