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Diana Mini

Diana Mini
This photo is from the copy I own

History and technical features 

The Diana Mini Camera is a plastic box camera that utilizes 35mm film, and is a part of a long line of lomographic cameras known for taking photos vibrant in color with deep saturation and vignettes shot through a plastic lens. It is capable of taking 72 exposures per roll of film in "half-frame" mode and 36 exposures in "square" mode. It can also take multiple exposures. Modeled after the original Diana camera, the Diana Mini is one of many reproductions and re-imaginings of the Diana camera by the Austria-based company, Lomographische AG FN: FN 134784. The Diana Mini is one of several new production versions of the Diana camera currently available as the Diana+ series, produced by Lomography.

Source: wikipedia

The Diana Mini 35mm Camera from Lomography is the ultra-compact, version of the Diana F+ camera. This plastic camera with a wide angle lens allows users to get in close or choose between any of four focal distances. It has exposure settings: 'Sunny', 'Cloudy', or 'B'. The Mini has two formats, 36 square pictures or 72 half-frame pictures on one roll of 35mm film. Plus, users can swap between formats on the same roll with the flick of a button. The Diana Mini, to enhance creative possibilities, is ready and able to create multiple exposures. With the Diana Mini long exposures are easy thanks to the 'B' setting, tripod mount and cable release attachment - a Diana first.



The Diana Mini came about after the reincarnation of the original Diana camera, the Diana F+ Camera, released in 2007. The Diana Mini brought with it the ability of the photographer to choose between the half-frame format that allows the user to shoot twice the amount of exposures for any 35mm film roll, or the less common square format that allows for 24x24mm exposures to be shot on 35mm film.

Source: wikipedia

Uses all kinds of 35mm film – it can take up to 72 shots in half-frame mode per 1 roll of 36 exposure film
Shoots two film formats: square and rectangular half-frames
Multiple exposure available
B mode for long exposures
Cable release attachment and Tripod mount
Compatible with the Diana F+ Flash



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