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Canon AV-1 (1979)

Canon AV-1 (1979)

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Canon AV-1
is a focal plane shutter SLR camera with a TTL light metering. Production begun in the first half of 1979. I bought this Canon because I just wanted to have another item of Canon SLR brand. Why then AV-1 ? Because it was relatively cheap and had a good reputation within the cameras of it´s class. It proved very handy and easy to use. It also takes technically excellent pictures.All you need to do is turn the aperture ring on the lens to set an aperture, focus and press the shutter button. Focusing is manual. The camera does all the rest - provided the main control dial has been set to the "A" mark..It has center weighted average light metering with a back light compensation possibility. When shooting your subject under backlighting condition, you just push an extra switch to compensate the exposure. At least in Finland it was commonly bundled with Canon FD 35-70 F 1:4 zoom lens

Fonte: thecamerasite.net


Type : 35mm SLR (Single-lens Reflex) camera with electronically controlled AE (Automatic Exposure).
Format : 24 x 36mm.
Usable Lenses : Canon FD (for full aperture AE) and most FL (for stopped-down AE) series lenses.
Lens Mount : Canon Breech-lock mount.
Viewfinder : Fixed, eye-level pentaprism.
Viewfinder Information : Split-image/micro prism rangefinder, shutter speed scale and meter needle, red over and underexposure warning indices, battery check/ camera shake warning index.
Shutter : Cloth, focal plane shutter with four spindles. Electronically controlled.
Shutter Release Button : Electromagnetic, two-step button. Pressing it halfway activates the meter; pressing it all the way sets shutter in operation. With lock and cable release socket.
strong>Shutter Speed : Step less automatically controlled, from 2 sec. to 1/1000 sec. Manual settings for B (Bulb) and X-synchronization speed of 1/60 sec. with flashes other than Canon Speedlite 133A, 155A, 177A or 199A.
ASA Film Speed Dial : ASA 25 to ASA 1600. With lock.
Light Metering System : Through-the-lens, Central Emphasis metering by SPC (Silicon Photocell).
Exposure Correction : Shutter speed is automatically reduced 1-1/2 steps to increase exposure by pressing back light control switch.
Reflex Mirror : Large instant-return type with shock absorbing mechanism.
Self-timer : Electronically controlled. Ten second time lag activated by pressing shutter button. Red LED blinks to indicate operation; flashing frequency increases two sec. before shutter release. Cancellation possible by pressing battery check button.
Flash Synchronization : At 1/60 sec. Set by switching selector dial to 60 for flashes other than the Canon Speedlite 133A 155A, 177A or 199A. Direct contact at accessory shoe.
Automatic Flash Control : With Canon Speedlite 133A, 155A, 177A or 199A. With selector dial at , shutter speed set to 1/60 sec. automatically. Aperture set manually on aperture ring to same aperture set on flash.
Back Cover : Fixed. Opened by pulling up rewind knob.
Film Loading : Via multi-slot take-up spool.
Film Advance Lever : Single-stroke 120 degree throw with 30 degree stand-off. Winding with several short strokes possible.
Battery: 6V, Mallory PX 28 or comparable.
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 139 x 85 x 48mm
Weight: 512g (body only, without battery)

Fonte: thecamerasite.net


A minha tem o n.º de série 358169 e possui o código interno T1108K, o que significa que foi fabricada em novembro de 1979, segundo este site.

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